About Me and Sandwich Cinema

Favorite Movie: Rushmore              Favorite Sandwich: Reuben 

My name is Amy, and two of my favorite things in the whole world are movies and sandwiches. One night I had a dream - like, an actual dream - in which I joined these two passions of mine in a glorious blog. 3 am Amy thought it was the greatest idea in the history of the world. 8 am Amy dismissed it. 

But, after sharing the idea with a number of friends, I was encouraged to go for it, and here we are! On the blog, I will watch a movie, talk about said movie, and cook, eat, and post recipes for a sandwich related to this movie. 

Sometimes the sandwich will be featured in the movie itself, while other times it'll be inspired by the movie. Either way, every 2 (ish) weeks, there will be movies, and there will be sandwiches. If there is a movie and/or sandwich you'd like to recommend, leave a comment or email me at sandwiches@gmail.com.

That is a real email address I've had since 2004. My whole life (or at least the bit since 2004) has basically brought me to this point. I hope you enjoy the movies and the sandwiches!